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Mike Cooper 
people info
Name Mike Cooper
Nationality British
Position Chief Geophysicist

What attracted me most to Maersk Oil in 2010, was the growth aspiration, and it still does. Many companies are looking to hold a plateau or arrest a declining production profile. Maersk Oil is actively looking to grow and is making investments and recruiting to achieve an output of 400,000 bbl/d in 5 years’ time. Our brand is also a very strong and one that provides me with a source of pride in working for Maersk. The change in the company even since I joined is exciting to see and to contribute towards. In particular, the implementation of the matrix style of organisation I see as a positive step towards achieving or goals and also making Maersk Oil a more rewarding environment in which to work, helping people find their way within our organisation and helping them shape a career within their respective disciplines. I keep coming into work every day because I’m learning, being challenged technically and helping to deliver the business goals within the framework of our strong company values.


Compared to other companies I have worked for the in the past, Maersk Oil represents an open and flat structure. We still have a little to do in terms of delegating authority and empowering our work force to make decisions further into the organisation but we have come a long way especially since I joined and continue to improve. Work life balance for me is good. All of my managers have struck a good balance between delivering the business via achieving goals for the year and enabling some flexibility in the relatively quieter periods. In addition, after a cycling accident in 2011 the company provided much needed support in terms of transport and the delegation of my work load. My team, to their credit, carried on ‘business as usual’. My gradual return to work and full fitness was accommodated without fuss and was much appreciated by me and my family.


So far, the most rewarding projects I’ve helped with have been: Culzean Seismic OBC, 27th UK Licensing Round, some farm-in deals in the UK and helping to grow the Geoscience Team in Aberdeen to accommodate the increased demand for the expertise. Since coming to Copenhagen, helping to roll out the Technical Career ladder and helping to put together a Training Matrix which will be rolled out soon to help early to mid-career professionals plan their technical training.