Integrated approach

Maersk Oil’s Applied Technology division function brings together a number of mission critical and innovation-rich technical disciplines. The Applied Technology model ensures synergies and coherent development through the full upstream value chain. Core Centres of Excellence include exploration, projects, asset and reservoir management, and innovation all of which work together to maximise value creation across the business.

We are adept at delivering high quality technical work across Maersk Oil and in conjunction with our partners.

By harnessing technology and rigorously applying processes honed over decades of innovating to produce from challenging reservoirs, Maersk Oil protects investor and stakeholder value.

Maersk Oil is supporting innovation beyond our walls as a lead sponsor of the Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre at Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) in Lyngby. A billion kroner fund from the Danish Underground Consortium (DUC) will target future oil and gas production from the Danish North Sea.

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Proprietary technology