The crude oil produced in the Danish part of the North Sea with Maersk Oil as operator is marketed under the name "DUC Crude Oil Blend". On behalf of A.P. Møller - Mærsk, Maersk Oil markets the company's share of the DUC crude oil in the international oil market.

Standard contract

Part II F.O.B. General Provisions TXO-11-94 is applicable.

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Description of crude oil

DUC Crude Oil is a low sulphur, naphtenic type North Sea crude oil which produces a range of high quality products. The unique nature of DUC Crude Oil allows refiners to select a range of complementary crudes to yield synergetic benefits.

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Gravity, API degrees: 33.6
Density, kg/l: 0.857
Sulphur, wt%: 0.26
Pour Point, C: -51
Viscosity, cSt@40C: 5.1
Acid number, mg KOH/g: 0.04
Atmos.residue, wt%,370C: 41.0

Loading terminal information

DUC Crude Oil Blend is pumped from the North Sea to the loading terminal at the port of Fredericia on the east coast of Jutland. The port is well protected and normally navigable throughout the year.

Standard cargo size, barrels 600,000
Maximum cargo size, barrels approx. 900,000
L.O.A., metres 275
Max. beam, metres 50
Max. height to manifold, metres 18.0
Max. draft, metres 14.0
Max. loading rate, bbls/h 31,000