The crude oil in which Maersk Oil holds a share is marketed under the name "Saharan Blend".

Standard contract

In connection with sales, Part II F.O.B. General Provisions TXO-11/94 is used.

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Description of crude oil

Saharan Blend is an extremely light, very low sulphur high quality crude oil which is rich in gasoline and is ideally suited for production of diesel.

Gravity, API degrees: 45.3
Density, kg/l: 0.8003
Sulphur, wt%: 0.10
Pour Point, C: -20
Viscosity, cSt@40C: 1.6
Acid number, mg KOH/g: 0.15
Atmos. residue,wt%,370C: 30.3

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Loading terminal information

Saharan Blend is shipped from the Arsew, Bejaia and Skikda terminals.

All three ports features SBM (Single Buoy Mooring)at which VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) may be loaded.

Terminals Arsew Bejaia Skikda
Maximum DWT, ton 260,000 90,000 90,000
L.O.A., metres 460 260 240
Max. draft, metres 19,5 12.8 14.5